Sunday, February 26, 2006

working on those bills

Since returning home, I have been slow to sift through the stack of medical bills on my desk. Before going to the hospital four weeks ago, I spent a significant amount of time calling the hospital or my insurance coompany and trust me, it can become a taxing undertaking very easily. Hours and hours in a day can be spent taking care of bills. So, when I came back home and saw all the bills and related papers, it's understandable why I was reluctant to begin working on them. I had just spent three stressful weeks in the hospital and I was not eager to have my pressure rise again so soon (though this time due to medical bills). Finally, after a week of non-activity I started to work on them today. Now, that my mom and I have reviewed and discussed them, I feel a bit better. Tomorrow is planned to be a day devoted to calling my hospital and insurance company.


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