Thursday, February 16, 2006

what will I miss?

I'll miss my great view of the East River and the boat traffic below. People pay big bucks for a view like this everyone tells me. It's true that the spectacular view that my room offers has been a delight of my stay here. Watching the tugboats, Coast Guard ships, and other large vessels move up and down the river has been a blast and brought me a significant amount of joy here in the hospital. I'll definitely miss it. I'll also miss my favorite loveseat, which I use everyday. Finally, I'll miss the nurses and the staff. The nurses here are amazing (and indeed, some are pretty cute). The doctors one sees for two minutes at most, but the nurses one sees all the time - during all hours of the day and night. In my experience, the nurses along with Scott and Bita will undoubtably leave the most indelible mark on me. I have only the highest praise and regard for the BMT staff here. They've been awesome!


Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

what will we all miss???
we will all miss your smiling face and shining personality even under adversity.
you have been an inspiration to us all.
keep up the good work as you are the ultimate "prizefighter"!
see you soon and take good care.
Eileen et. al.

8:14 AM  
Comment Anonymous Brian said...

Congratulations on getting out, Duane. I'm in the midst of the salvage chemo myself, and after a late night rant about the difficulty of finding blogs from Hodgkin's survivors, my wife sent me a link to your site today. Keep up the good work - we need more survivors out there typing!

1:30 PM  
Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...


Congratulations on going home! I hope you'll continue to update your blog and let everyone know how you're doing. I've noticed that it's hard to find your blog on Google and other search engines. Is there anyway to get your site higher up on the Google list? Good luck to you.


2:39 PM  
Comment Anonymous Barb said...

just reading your experiences today, although i thought about you and your "being" often. i wanted to call and stop by, but i didn't want you to be pressured into being the cordial, positive host that you always are (i couldn't imagine what you were going through, and having read parts of it, i still can't even comprehend what you have experienced and what you are currently experiencing). when you are ready/able, we'll see each other again!

11:34 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Thanks for the warm comments everyone!


6:07 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Hey Brian,

I tried to post a comment on your blog, but wasn't able to. I'm glad it has been of some help. I really enjoy it and it's my plan to continue it in the months and months to come.

As you undergo the salvage chemo, just do what you can to please yourself (whatever that is). It's all about you, Brian. You're the one who matters in all of this, so do what you need to do to give yourself the peace of mind and strength that you desire.

Stay in touch and best wishes,

6:37 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Hey Chris,

I looked for my blog in Google, Yahoo, and MSN and found little trouble. I'll explore the issue further. Thanks for the comment.


6:39 PM  
Comment Anonymous Brian said...

Thanks for the kind words and wishes, Duane. I'll probably be back to having comments enabled on my site sometime next week. I've had 'em disabled for awhile so I wouldn't have to keep track of comment spam and I'm switching to WordPress, which should help out a lot.

I'm also going to add a panel on my site (trying to come up with a redesign this weekend) for Hodgkin's survivor blogs, so hopefully I can get you some more traffic over here :)

6:59 PM  

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