Thursday, February 23, 2006

transplant pictures

Just a bit of the East River traffic that I observed from my hospital room.

I'm sitting on my favorite loveseat by the window that provided so much enjoyment.

Whenever I left my room, I had to wear gloves and a mask.

On this day, I had chills (due to a fever), which is why I had a blanket over my legs. The PICC line in my left arm was infected and removed soon thereafter.

These were taken at the moment of my transplant, Day 0, on February 2nd. The red fluid in the bag above my bedside is full of my stem cells. Those are the very stem cells that were harvested a few weeks earlier (shown in the pictures below) and are engrafting in my bone marrow at this very moment. In the immediate photograph below, I'm looking at the stem cells passing through the IV-PICC line into my arm.

These photographs were taken while my stem cells were being harvested at the hospital. The large machine to my right is called an apheresis machine, which collects and filters my blood and in the process harvests my stem cells while returning back to me the rest of my blood.


Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gasp! Not Cambodia! Skippin' Angkor Wat? You're really missin' something :)

Just a note, I don't know about other regions of the world, but when you're in Asia, why can't you get your scans done there? That would give you at least 6 months there. Japanese and Thai medical facilities, for example, are among the best in the world (and you can definitely find people who speak English). I guess, of course you gotta go where insurance pays. But in Thailand, you have the added bonus of much of the procedures being only a fraction of the price they are in the U.S.; sometimes not much more than the co-pay.

The traveling by sea sounds fascinating: I'll have to pester you for details later.


5:28 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Hi ravensong,

I know you loved Cambodia and the rest of Southeast Asia. I remember you telling me about it. Unfortunately, I can't visit every place. I must choose. :)

Someone did mention to me the idea of having the scans done abroad. I have yet to ask my doctor about that as a possibility. But that could work. Thanks for suggesting the idea.

7:37 PM  

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