Wednesday, February 15, 2006

seeing light at the end of the tunnel

My blood counts are looking great: WBC: 2.0; Hgb: 9.3; platelets: 17. So, with a WBC count of 2.0 and the level of neutrophils, where they should be I was told by Scott and Dr. Price that I could leave tomorrow. But I decided to be discharged on Friday. I just wasn't comfortable with the idea of leaving the hospital quite yet (if you can believe it after a dramatic three week stay). I wanted the doctors and staff to review me just one last day before going home. I know that my decision was a product of my insecurity and concern that if I leave too soon, a problem may develop afterwards. But of course, that's all in my head. Everyone tells me I did very well during these past three weeks and as a result, my prospects are great.

In the literature that I have read about transplants, it's common to learn that the patients see their transplant day as their second birthday for it provides a new opportunity at life. I wasn't 100% sure of the accuracy of this belief. Ultimately, it's really a personal decision I think but I wanted to ask Scott for his impression nonetheless. He confirmed what I had read and told me that yes, I could look at 2/2/2006 as my other birthday - my second birthday.

The physical therapist stopped by yesterday. She brought me the stationary peddling machine, which I had requested, so that I may exercise my legs. This morning after breakfast I used it for the first time for about 20 minutes. It felt really great.

I haven't seen the resident psychiatrist, Dr. Freyberg, since our first meeting on Friday evening. He told me that he'd return on Monday, but he didn't and then no one came by on Tuesday. I informed Scott and Linda, the social worker, of the problem and they told me this afternoon that he along with his supervisor are supposed to visit me at some point today.


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Happy birthday Duane. You are always in my thoughts.

Besos, olé tu madre

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