Tuesday, February 28, 2006

meeting therapists

I had my first appointment with a therapist this afternoon since leaving the hospital. His name is Dr. Bauman and though I'm not good with guessing ages, I'd say he's in his late 60s. He was very pleasant and inviting. Our session lasted for about 45 minutes. We scheduled to meet again at the same time next Tuesday. If in my search for a therapist I find someone to my liking, he told me that there was no problem at all to cancel my appointment next week.

Tomorrow I'll meet another psychologist, Dr. Aronson. After our session, I plan to check out a lecture on Frederich Church and his home, Olana, at the National Academy Museum. It will be a great opportunity to get outside and check out some fantastic art. Indeed, I felt winded and surprisingly fatigued as I walked up the block from my home to the main thoroughfare, where I hailed a taxi to travel to Manhattan. I suppose, however, that I shouldn't be surprised really since I haven't walked much at all. I have been inside the vast majority of the time, but the fatigue that I experienced this afternoon on my way to seeing the psychologist is a clear sign, I think, that although it's cold I need to walk outside more.


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so glad you are going to the Church lecture. that will be fantastic for you.

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