Wednesday, February 22, 2006

looking for a therapist

I'm still looking for a therapist. Dr. Freyberg, the resident in psychiatry, who I met and talked to in the hospital after my meltdown explained some of the basics of therapy to me and this helped a lot. I never studied nor read anything really about therapy, so I'm very new to this subject. I didn't even understand the difference between psychology and psychiatry, although I hear the two mentioned all the time but never knowing anything about them. Basically, a psychologist, he said has a Ph.D and focuses on talk therapy whereas a psychiatrist, who has an MD and Ph.D. focuses on medicating more than talk therapy and due to his or her medical degree, has sound knowledge of the body and the relationship between drugs and medicial conditions. Also due to his or her more extensive training, a psychiatrist charges significantly more generally. He agreed that I don't need medicating, so a pyschologist may be more appropriate for my particular needs.

He recommended that I check out two psychologists (who were recommended highly by Montefiore Medical Center) in The Bronx, but unfortunately one relocated to Westchester and the other is no longer taking any new clients at the moment. The Montefiore therapy clinic doesn't accept my insurance, so I'm unable to go there. Consequently, the representative at the clinic gave me the names and phone numbers of a couple of local therapists, who do accept my insurance. It was late in the day, so I didn't call them but I'll do so tomorrow. I also looked on my insurance company's website for psychologists in Manhattan, who take my insurance and I found a long list of individuals. I, therefore, jotted down about seven names and their phone numbers with the goal of inquiring about their services tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll have a few appointments scheduled by the end of this week so I can get the ball rolling in this department. It's important, I think, that I begin to see someone soon before too much time has passed.


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