Monday, February 20, 2006

discomfort in the bathroom

One of the surprises during the transplant was that I didn't experience any constipation or diarrhea problems. Remembering how uncomfortable it was during the DICE treatments, I imagined that I was going to have some bowel issue at some point during the transplant but none ever surfaced really. I didn't always move my bowels daily, but that was never a problem. Had it persisted for four days or more then it would have become a problem. It also was natural for the shape and consistency of my stool to change and I should note that it has yet to return to normal.

Beginning yesterday, however, I experienced some mild discomfort in the bathroom. It continued and worsened today. I was quite stressed by the constipation. For starters, it was painful and then, I feared bleeding which I was told is possible because of my low platelet count (though it probably has risen since Friday). Fortunately, there was no blood but it still was painful and the process was a lot more time consuming than I would have liked. The chemotherapy is still in my body killing cells so it will be awhile before my gastrointestinal tract is back to normal.

I must drink more prune juice. Yummy. [laughing]


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