Saturday, February 11, 2006


The resident, Dr. Javier, who is from Sarragosa, Spain told me not to be surprised if in about 3-4 days I'll be prepared to be discharged from the hospital. Linda, the social worker, hinted at this on Friday too. My counts are expected to start rising soon. Today, however, they're still stable: WBC: 0.2; Hgb: 7.8; platelets: 11. I asked my day nurse if I'd need platelets, but she said that at the moment there wasn't an order for any transfusion.

Earlier this morning blood was drawn as it is everyday, but it took the technician 3 pokes before gold was struck finally. I have two bandaids on my arm and one at the base of my hand as evidence of the abuse my left arm experienced. As you can imagine, I was a bit frustrated by the repeated tries but when it was over I was able to smile and laugh. Soon afterwards, an IV technician came to make a new peripheral IV line in my right arm, since the one that was there was only good for 4 days and today was the day that it had to be replaced. The antibiotics and saline that I continue to receive around the clock have been infused via this IV line. Unfortunately, when it comes to drawing blood today wasn't my lucky day. Using a mid-sized needle, she missed the vein. After pressing the needle around for a minute or two, she hit the vein and my suffering ended. The new peripheral IV line was established and the old one was able to be removed.


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