Saturday, February 04, 2006


Today's day+2. I just returned to my room after another ultrasound exam. The initial soreness in my left shoulder continues and has spread to the bicep, where the discomfort is centralized along the its length. I assume it's the vein, where the PICC line is located, that's irritated but the exam today showed no blood clot. A clot is the worse case scenario. The bicep is swollen slightly and the soreness is not painful. It's just there.

This morning I examined my mouth in the bathroom mirror as I do every morning. The color of my tongue is a mix of purple-blue-pink. During the course of the high-dose chemo, the purple and blue hues became more pronounced to the point where they are now - side by side with the remaining pockets of pink. About 2 days ago, I found a little blood in my spit which I assume came from a small wound at the back wall of my mouth, but I haven't seen any more blood since then. The doctor told me today that I do in fact have a case of mild case mucositis (mouth sores), which explains why the texture of my inner mouth wall is rougher, which makes eating less pleasant; and I'm unable to open my mouth as widely as I normally would.

While in the bathroom I also discovered that after days of high-dose chemo, the hair on my head is beginning to fall out finally. Pull a few strands and there they fall in patches. I first noticed, however, the hair around my groin falling out yesterday. Just pick the hair from my head and I'll find clumps and clumps of it in my hand. Honestly, I find the picking to be a bit fun. It's really amazing to see just how effortlessly the hair comes out from my scalp. After the DICE and cytoxsin treatments, my hair grew back quickly though of a very different texture. That new found pad of hair on my head is about to go once again only to return at some future point. For now, I'll continue to do this until too much of it is coming out and then, I may need to shampoo the rest of it away.


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