Wednesday, February 01, 2006

day before the transplant

Tomorrow is transplant day, day 0. My BMT doctor and the medical staff described it as being anti-climatic really. It should be as smooth as a blood transfusion. The only drama, I suppose they'd say, is that which I myself give it. But despite what they may say, it is a big deal. It's an important step in this process and thus, will hold an indelible part in my memory and for those of my family and friends of this entire experience for as long as I live. It's because of this that I need to give it the respect it deserves. My mom plans to be here with me tomorrow morning during the transplant. I'll keep you posted.


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Hi Duane:

I have been a big fan of yours ever since I heard that you went to Vassar, my alma mater, and then spent a year traveling around places I adore like Greece and the mid-east. When I was Denise's age we said "Keep on truckin'." I have no idea what the origin was of that expression (it is probably from a song), but it is an expression meaning good luck, good health, and good life. Wishing you all of those things. JS

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