Sunday, February 12, 2006

corelli's 12 concerti grossi, op.6

As I lay in bed Thursday night, I was still coping with the emotions and concerns that had been exposed the previous evening. I cried a bit. I continued to grieve a little. Music, at this moment, became an indescribable relief and helped to sooth the pain that I had been bearing. I put on my headphones, closed my eyes, and I listened to a most sublime piece of music - Corelli's 12 Concerti Grossi, op.6 - which was so healing. As I lay in bed under the sheets listening to Corelli, my body began to twitch and shake and thus, the healing process had began. The music was actually purging my body of the toxic energy that I was carrying and so, the twitching and light shaking that I experienced was a sign that the music was working its wonderful magic. It was painful because once again I was being reminded of my suffering but at the same time it was most liberating to feel the awesome power of music and its uncanny ability to heal.


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