Wednesday, February 08, 2006

blood transfusion

I received my very first red blood transfusion this morning because my Hgb was very low: 7.5. The blood infused over about 2 hours and premedication wasn't necessary. It was nice that my dad was here to witness the transfusion. More importantly, he brought me tasty food from home for lunch along with today's newspaper and a set of photographs that were just developed, which I took during the past 2 weeks. Once I'm home and able to scan them, I'll upload them up onto my blog. Before leaving for work, he also took a couple of snapshots of me sitting in my favorite loveseat and few others of me looking out at the river and cityscape through my bedroom window.

My platelets rose from 12 yesterday to 17 today. I was told that if the level of platelets falls below 10, then platelets are given which is why I was prepared to receive them yesterday (but my blood pressure was too low). Thankfully, there's no blood to report in my urine so far, which may be due to my higher platelet numbers today.


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