Sunday, February 05, 2006

acyclovir and diflucan

The name of the antiviral pill, which I receive 3 times daily, is acyclovir. It's blue and the dosage is 400mg. Trying to record and keep track of the names of the multitude of drugs that I receive during this treatment, I asked my night nurse, Andrea, to spell it for me. Diflucan (pink) is the antifungal pill given to me once a day at 400mg. Both are given to me in small blue and white measuring cup.


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Duane. Got your blood a while ago off the LLS board. Been following it. Loved your Who Wants to Be a Millionare. What a hoot. You were great. So glad to see your transplant has taken place. Sounds as though you are doing well. Acyclovair is the only transplant med I am on besides magnesium pills. I am 9 months out of transplant(AML)and doing real well. Doc said I am "at the tip of the arrow". Hope yours goes well. You recieved your own cells right? Good luck. Pam

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