Thursday, January 19, 2006

young adults' meeting at gilda's club

I receive a schedule of all the upcoming programs at Gilda's Club on West Houston Street each month. For those who don't know, Gilda's Club is a national organization which offers free services to cancer patients and their families. Named for Saturday Night Live comedienne, Gilda Radner, Gilda's Club has developed into a national network in at least 20 cities, in which emotional and social support is the focus and viewed as both complementary and essential to medical care. I learned about this organization from a friend back in early 2003 when I was undergoing treatment the first time around. I became a member and participated in several of the discussion groups that are available for adult cancer patients, which I found to be of great help. Unfortunately, however, I was the youngest in the group by at least 20 years. Gilda's offers a discussion group for 20 - 30 year old cancer patients, but for one reason or another I was never able to attend it.

Well, I looked at this month's program list and marked today's young adult discussion group on my own calendar. Hoping to participate in it before I'm admitted on Tuesday, I called the office this morning but was told today's meeting had been cancelled. Well, there is goes. I missed it yet again. Eventually, I'll make it.

Click the image above to learn more about Gilda's Club in New York City as well as its other clubs across the country.


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