Sunday, January 29, 2006

sunday morning

My BMT doctors just came into my room to check on me. The BMT doctor is escorted generally by team of at least 3 people but it could be as many as 5. This, of course, can be a little intimidating: looking at half a dozen strangers stare intently at you as you're pinned up against the hospital bed anticipating their many pokes and touches. Scott reminded me that if I'm ever a bit freaked out by this onslaught of doctors to just let them now, but I have been okay.

During my first week here, the medical team consisted of the main BMT doctor (who changed depending on their schedule), the BMT nurse practitioner, the BMT physician assistant, the social worker, BMT fellow, and at least one or two students. I told my doctors today that all is going relatively well. Of course, my appetite isn't the greatest and I urinated a lot again last night, but this is all expected. My bowels, however, are moving nicely, which is a relief. I think the prune juice that I'm drinking daily has helped a lot. I asked the doctors about drinking orange juice and they said it depends on how I feel. It may or may not irritate my stomach. If it does upset my stomach, I should stop of course and drink apple juice, milk, ginger ale or something else instead. Then, finally I asked about brushing my teeth. Oral sores or irritations are a possible side effect of the treatment due to the low white cell and platlet counts. I have been told that they can be quite painful. I was told to not floss but to just brush my teeth gently. In the coming days when my counts are lower than they are now, I may not be able to brush anymore and as a result, must then use the special antibacterial mouthwash they gave me when I first arrived here on Tuesday (and which I have been using daily since then).

I like to watch the Sunday morning politcal talk shows, so I was watching the Chris Matthews Show as I composed this post. My dad is supposed to visit me some time after noon with a care package of food from home. Yummy!


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