Wednesday, January 25, 2006

a short review of what has happened today

Hi everyone. So far all is well. As I type, I'm sitting on my bed looking out at a great view of Roosevelt Island and the East River. It was very bright in the early morning, but since then clouds have in the area and produced a mild overcast. The river view is quite lovely, however, and all of my visitors have commented about the scenery. The 59th Street Bridge can be seen from my window, which is about 10 blocks south of here. It's a pleasure to wake up and find yourself before such a soothing view.

The nurse, Angie, came by about 15 minutes ago to replace bag 5 for bag 6 of the etoposide. So, I'm more than half-way finished with this chemotherapy drug. After the PICC line was adjusted last night, the infusion of etoposide began around 11pm. There were no problems. It went well. As expected, during the night I had to urinate several times. I don't remember how many exactly, but I'd guess at least 5 times. They provide the BMT patients with small urinals to use rather than allowing us to use the toilet, because they must track your rate of urination. The doctors and nurses don't want to burden the kidneys, which is why it's so important to drink a lot of liquids.

I had four visitors yesterday and so far today, I have had three. All were Chapin parents, the so called Coalition of Mothers. I think I and Clare made and joked about this title, but it is so accurate. A couple of people have called this afternoon as well. I'm expecting EFG to visit and Clare to come again this afternoon. I must say that it's so wonderful what Clare and EFG in particular along with so many others have done. (I'm mentioning the Chapin parents here but there are othes like Muriel, who has also done so much for us). I feel like a mere "thank you" is so small, so inadequate for the help that they have offered so selflessly. And perhaps the most mindblowing and indeed, humbling aspect that I have felt with regards to their generosity is due to the fact that before this treatment I had met only a small number of the Chapin parents. Before all of this drama, for the most part they were strangers. Most of them knew me solely via Denise, my sister, since she attended school with their daughters. So, what does all of this show but nothing other than the warmness and generosity of their hearts. Of course, they didn't have to do any of what they have done, but they continue to do so. I'm so humbled by their love and overwhelmed by their generosity. My parents and I are forever grateful to them as well as to the other individuals who have offered so much.


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