Tuesday, January 31, 2006

no blood clot

For about the past two days, I have suffered from a slight pain in my left shoulder about which I told the medical staff. Unfortunately, the ultrasound exam room was booked yesterday, so I had to wait until this morning to have the exam. A blood clot was the worst case scenario, but it was determined that I had no clot. They weren't able to say what the cause of the discomfort is, but it's possible the PICC line in my arm might have irritated the shoulder. However, the medical staff isn't very worried and I trust them. If a soar shoulder is my only complaint during these three weeks, then that would be excellent Scott said. If it worsens, however, I was told to inform them.

This evening I noticed slight swelling in my feet. It's possible that the swelling had been present earlier, but I didn't notice it until tonight when I laid in bed and looked at my feet. I told my night nurse, Erin, about it and she said considering all the fluid that I have received during the past week, it's not surprising. The fluid, she said, simply goes down to the feet. So, I should try to elevate my feet when possible. I'll make sure to point this out to the doctors tomorrow morning when they visit me. The medical staff check my feet every morning for swelling. Perhaps my feet hadn't swelled when they examined my feet this morning, but it's obvious now.


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