Friday, January 20, 2006

the new world

After about an hour in the cafe, I walked to the Union Square United Artists Cinema, where I caught the 5:50pm showing of The New World. It's a romantic film about the famous historical love relationship of John Smith and Pocahontas and the founding of the Jamestown colony. Though it has some exquisite scenes and the classical muscial score is lovely, the story progresses very slowly and I found the ending to be somewhat confusing and unfulfulling. Nevertheless, the depiction of the love affair between Smith and Pocahontas is very moving, I think, as well as the marriage between Pocahontas and her eventual husband. The illustration of the harsh conditions in the early months of Jamestown is well-done as well as that of the daily life of the Native Americans.

At least the worries that had occupied my mind so much prior to watching The New World were allayed for a while.


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