Saturday, January 28, 2006

neutropenic diet

My mom is here with me. She has been here for a little over two hours, but is preparing to leave momentarily. EFG and Bob came by for a while too, which was great. My mom brought me French Fries and cooked string beans from home, since my appetite for the hospital food is almost non-existent. Visitors bring me food, which is such a relief, like it's the Berlin Airlift. I'm nervous of even smelling the food out of fear that I might vomit again. So, as I stated earlier I have been experimenting with different foods, trying to see what works. The French Fries have proven a good choice at the moment. Jielian, my nurse whom I'm very fond of, reminded me however that my taste buds may change daily so I shouldn't be surprised if the same type of food works well one day but not the next.

I'm on what is called a Neutropenic Diet and thus, was given a handout of what foods I am allowed and not allowed to consume. The handout explains the goal of this diet: "to help minimize the incidence of possible infection by avoiding various types of foods that are more prone to high gram-negative bacterial content and situations where a significant risk of food borne illness exists." So, I should not eat unwashed vegetables or fruit with a thin skin, coldcuts or any undercooked meats for example.


Comment Anonymous Anonymous said...

it was our pleasure to see you today and glad that you are holding up under such difficult circumstances. you are an amazing and brave man.
we all think of you every day and know you will get through this and it will be worth in the end!

8:41 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

Thanks. I remind myself all the time that I'm going to beat this and I will. It's going to work out. It will.

Thanks EFG.


12:21 PM  

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