Tuesday, January 31, 2006

my nurse, sarah

My day nurse was Sarah yesterday. She was very attractive and I think Ben and Adeel, who met her, would support me on this one. Very sweet and personable, she was most charming to have as my nurse. I made a earnest effort at talking to her throughout the day. Even when there really wasn't much to be said as she changed my line or replaced one bag of saline with another, I tried to muster up a topic of discussion. For example, I told her about an interesting article in the New York Times detailing the feared growth of hospitals in the area. Since New York Presbyterian Hospital was one of the hospitals examined in the article, I thought she would be interested and she seemed to be. I let her borrow the paper gladly and she returned it before she left for the day.

I didn't find the courage to ask her age, but if I'd guess I'd say 24 or 25. But it's a funny thing. Even as I'm being blasted with chemo, battling cancer and bearing this serious treatment, I'm still a 25 year old guy. Yes, I'm sick but not dead. I get glassy-eyed easily by the beautiful nurses, who walk in and out of my room. Didn't Plato say beauty was good and thus, inspiring? Well, if so I think he might have had the nurses, like Sarah and Jielian, in mind. They've helped to keep my spirits afloat and more specifically, helped to keep me mindful that although I'm sick in a hospital, I'm still 25 and as a 25 year old it's liberating to do and think like 25 year olds.


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