Saturday, January 14, 2006

harvesting complete

Towards the end of my collection yesterday, I was told by my stem cell doctor that enough stem cells had been harvested and therefore, it wasn't necessary for me to come to the hospital again for further harvesting. Although the actual results of yesterday's collection weren't yet available when he told me this, I think his decision was based on the day's projected results. Since Wednesday more and more stem cells had been harvested incrementely and from what I understand based upon their experience, the last days of collection are the most fruitful usually. Five days of harvesting are normally the limit anyway for any one person. Only under special circumstances will they continue it to a sixth day, which in my case would have been today. There are, of course, other methods they can use to collect more stem cells, but it seems like I won't have to worry about them.

So, with the harvesting phase complete what now? Well, I must return to the hospital on Monday at 11am for my temporary non-tunneled vascular catheter to be removed. That's all I know right now, but I don't think there's much more to be done other than the insertion of a new catheter or port before I'm admitted to the hospital for the high-dose chemotherapy and stem cell transplant. I will, of course, ask my stem cell doctor how soon he expects me to go to the hospital. I reckon it could be as early as this coming week. The removal of my temporary catheter will be a brief procedure, perhaps no more than 20 minutes, and the insertion of a new permanent catheter will not take too much longer I don't think.

I spoke to Nick, my former roommate when I was first hospitalized, and he told me that he will be admitted on Wednesday for the beginning of the high-dose chemotherapy treatment. He'll be in the BMT unit for 4-5 weeks, which means that it's almost assured that we'll meet again soon.

I think we're getting very close to that all important day. Progress has come in small steps, but we are progressing.


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how great that you will overlap with your former roommate--Nick--on the BMT.
You can meet in the sunroom/family waiting room and watch the boats go up and down the East River.

10:16 AM  

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