Sunday, January 15, 2006

a frigid sunday

I, like millions of other New Yorkers, braced the frigid cold of January today. Man was it cold! Before leaving home this morning, I knew it was cold outside but I had no idea about its severity. However, in light of the weather I continued with my plans.

I met up with Chris, a Vassar friend, for brunch around 10:50 this morning on the Upper East Side but before we met, to my surprise I ran into David, a high school classmate. I imagine that it's been at least 2 years since David and me last socialized. After brunch and a brief visit to Chris' apartment where we hung out for a bit, I met a former co-worker, Yael and her husband, at a nearby cinema, where we watched Brokeback Mountain together. It was my first time in a cinema for at least three months due to concerns about my weakened immune system caused by the chemotherapy treatments.

I found Brokeback Mountain to be a marvelous film both beautiful and tragic. Everyone whom I spoke to prior to watching the film told me how marvelous it was and I must agree. The musical score and scenery are beautiful. It's a powerful love story.


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