Wednesday, January 11, 2006

another day of harvesting

Today marked day 3 of stem cell harvesting. I finished earlier than expected at about 12:30 this afternoon. Like yesterday, the time went by smoothly. I read during the first two hours of the collection and then, Clare, a wonderful family friend came by and we talked for a long time before I began to watch "The Return," on my portable DVD player. EFG also stopped by briefly in between errands. I didn't get very far through the movie. Perhaps 30 minutes into the film, Manny told me that the harvesting session was about to be completed. So, I must watch the rest of the film later. Before going home, I was given one day's supply of Neupogen since I used my last shot late last night. If I need to return tomorrow for another day of harvesting, then my dad will need to give me the Neupogen shot tonight. Of course, if they collected enough stem cells then I will not need to use it.

Right now I'm waiting to hear back from Bita, the BMT Nurse Practitioner. She'll be able to tell me if the harvesting is over or not.


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