Monday, January 02, 2006


The doctors visited me again. They told me that the bacteria found in the culture wasn't the most dangerous kind. As a result, the stem cells that had been collected are both salvageable and usable. I wouldn't need to repeat another day of harvesting therefore. I was most concerned about the stem cells that were collected, so this news was a relief. The doctors told me that I'd be able to return home this evening, but it would be necessary for me to continue the vancomycin treatment for 13 more days. The hospital contacted Coram and arranged for the necessary supplies to be delivered to my home tonight. A nurse from Coram was scheduled to visit me tomorrow at home and thus, teach me how to give myself the vancomycin via IV. The date of January 4th, which stood as a D-Day of sorts for me, my family and friends, was knocked off its summit. I don't know what the new tentative date is now, but I guess it will be around the middle of the month. I was discharged from the hospital at about 5:30.


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