Monday, January 02, 2006


This time my mom went with me to the M2-Dialysis Unit. My appointment was for 7:30am! We arrived at the hospital a little late, but it was okay. Interestingly, I wasn't the first patient there. Another individual was there already. Both my mom and I wondered at what time the Dialysis Unit opened for business in the morning.

Before the stem cell collection started, the culture of my catheter line was done and prepared to be sent to the lab. This marked the beginning of another uneventful 4 hours. I read for a bit and then, slept, and read yet again. The time seemed to move so slowly, by at about 1pm we were set to leave. As the collection concluded, Bita, the very affable BMT nurse practitioner, stopped by to introduce herself to us. She said that I'd see a lot of her during the transplant. Bita informed us that more than enough stem cells had been collected the previous day. Consequently, this would be my final day of collection and I didn't have to take the Neupogen anymore. Everything seemed to be in place now for the transplant, which was scheduled tentatively for January 4th.

At about 10:30 that night I received a call from the on call physician, who informed me of the results from the culture that was taken earlier. She said it came back positive for a bacterial infection. Therefore, she wanted me to go to the emergency room that night to have further cultures done and of course, to begin the necessary antibiotic treatment. I waited for my father to return from work which is about 11:30pm usually. So once he was home, I packed a few more last minute items before getting a cab to take us to the hospital. We waited in the waiting room for about an hour and a half before I was taken to a cot in the emergency room. The sole excitement in the waiting room was that of a bearded middle-aged man, who appeared to be both homeless and drunk. I reckon that the security guards were familiar with him. He must have been a regular visitor, because they addressed him by his first name. The straggler continued to moan and talk to himself in the waiting area for a good period of time before he was called by the nurse for examination.

We ourselves made it into the emergency room area finally, where I was escorted to a cot and waited for a nurse to take the required blood cultures. My father left the hospital at about 2:45am. Soon afterwards the antibiotic treatment began. I was given vancomycin via IV, which I am told is a common antibiotic drug. I slept for the next hour and half before I was awaken by the news that I was being transferred to a hospital bed on 10 West of the BMT Unit. By the time the nurses finished all the necessary tests (blood, pressure, temperature, etc.) in my hospital room, it was about 6am.


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