Thursday, December 15, 2005

the new normal

After watching Buster Keaton's films last night, I viewed The New Normal: Life after Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplant which had arrived in the mail earlier that day from The National Bone Marrow Transplant Link, an organization that provides educational and emotional support to transplant patients. It's a free VHS tape about 4o minutes long that I ordered which details the personal experiences of 6 bone marrow/stem cell transplant patients. I thought it might be a helpful resource. The New Normal describes step-by-step the transplant process: the stem cell collection, high-dose chemotherapy, infusion of stem cells, and post-transplant period. Because I have read a fair amount of literature about the transplant process, the film's description of this important matter wasn't new to me, however, it served as a good review. Of most interest to me were the personal stories of the transplant survivors themselves. Reading about a bone marrow/stem cell transplant is fine, but there comes a point I think when a prospective patient desires to hear about the experience directly from a transplant survivor. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to meet and talk to a few of them and it's been a very beneficial. Therefore, listening to the patients interviewed in the film was very helpful and left me feeling reassured about the adventure that awaits. Several years after having the transplant done, the transplant survivors are doing so well and enjoying life.

Click the picture above to order a copy of the free VHS tape, The New Normal: Life after Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplant.


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