Saturday, December 24, 2005

6 day recap

I failed to update my blog during the past 6 days. The combination of the cytoxan treatment and the daily Neupogen shots that I have been receiving haven't been the kindest. It was my intention to update the blog regularly as I do generally, but I just couldn't find the necessary energy to do so. I'd come to my table, sit in front of my labtop and then, idle for 10 or 20 minutes. Nothing would happen. I'd be zapped of both the physical and mental strength needed to type.

I thought about going back and describing in length the events of the week, but that would take a great deal of time. In addition, the quality of my posts would not be as good since the events aren't as fresh any more. Considering all this I decided to detail in brief the past week. The following posts are a brief recap of my past 6 days.


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