Saturday, December 24, 2005


The muscle aches continue. In fact, they're more intense today and appear in almost every muscle group. My father continues to give me the Neupogen injections once a day. Our guess is that as my body becomes more used to the Neupogen, the severity of my aches will lessen.

I haven't gone outside since my visit to the hospital on Monday. My doctor told me that my counts would decrease incrementally during the week. As a result, the risk of developing a fever (a terrrible sign of an infection) would increase as the week progressed. The most opportune time for an infection would be when my counts would be at their lowest and that would be from today to Sunday, Christmas day. Due to my concern about this important matter, I have decided to stay home. I am tired too of course. Plus, I have quite a few things to accomplish at home. I spent a few hours yesterday writing last minute holiday cards to people.

The same nurse, who visited me on Wednesday, returned again to review the steps for flushing my catheter. He told me to call my insurance company to appeal for further nurse visits. I called but the office is closed for the holiday weekend.


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