Saturday, December 24, 2005


I'm a little tired today, but thankfully I am not sweating or having chills like the previous night. My stem cell doctor called me around 8:30am to find out how I was doing. He told me to take the Neupogen at 2:30pm today instead of 7:30pm like before. Today there was no sudden and violent reaction.

A male nurse from Coram came to show me how to flush my catheter and change its dressing. The flushing isn't bad. It's straight forward. If I do it a few more times, I should be a pro. To change the dressing, however, is more challenging but not impossible. Why must I change my own dressing? Simply put - it's about money. Unless the patient is handicapped, it's my understanding that most insurance companies compel their patients to change their own dressing in order to save money. It's more costly for the insurance company to send a nurse to do that for someone than for the person to do it on their own.

The transit strike has paralyzed the city. I'm glued to the television watching all the updates and reports about this crisis. My father works for the MTA and as a TWU member, he stands as one of the 37,000 workers off his job. As you can imagine, transit-labor talk has dominated a lot of my family's conversation since the strike started. It's quite interesting to witness the play of city and labor politics in action.


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