Saturday, December 24, 2005


I continued to take Emend, an anti-nausea medicine. Today marks day 2. I took it for the first time in the infusion room at the hospital the previous day. One more day to go. The only noticeable side effect of the Emend pills are constant hiccups, which can be very annoying. The Emend pills come in a pack of 3 and it costed about $350.00. I was told by some that it could be as much as $500.00. It's possible that this is in fact the actual retail price, but because I have Medicaid (for my prescription drugs) the prices are lowered artifically.

Today also marks the first day of the Neupogen injections. I'm supposed to continue to take the Neupogen injections for 9 more days. The cytoxan treatment has and will continue to lower my white cell count and therefore, my body's immune system will be less able to fight off infection. The Neupogen will counter this by boosting my white cell count. Unfortunately, there are side effects.

Tonight I experienced a violent side effect after my dad gave me the required Neupogen injection. About 20-30 minutes after the injection, I began to sweat profusely and became nauseated. I lost orientation quickly and fell to the floor, where I sought my parents' help. Within seconds I had the strong urge to go the bathroom, which is where I headed. I crawled from the living room to the bathroom, where I moved my bowels. During all of this, I was sweating and had chills. My parents called my doctor's office and was told by the on call physician that Benadryl was the answer. The side effects that I was experiencing were the product of a temporary shock to my body and after about 20 minutes, most of the symptoms except the chills subsided. After taking the Benadryl, I rested in my bed and fell asleep soundly.

Later I researched online the side effects of Neupogen and learned that all the effects that I had were all possible from Neupogen: sweats, chills, sudden bowel movement, nausea. My body was put into a state of shock. It was scary because it was so sudden in its intensity.


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Hey, just wanted to let you know i stumbled on ur blog.

U use neupogen and love Paul Van Dyk,

Actually didnt think id fond that combo on anyone else!

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