Wednesday, November 02, 2005

visiting nurse service of ny

A nurse from the Visiting Nurse Service of New York came by today in order to flush my catheter and clean the around it. Flushing is needed to keep the lines of the catheter usable. Otherwise, it will become clogged and new lines may be needed. She explained the steps necesssary to take regular care of the catheter and to prevent the area from becoming infected. Infection is indeed the greatest concern with a catheter like mine. My catheter runs into the main artery of my heart, so any infection of the area is a major ticket for trouble. Of course, with regular care that shouldn't be a problem.


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Hi Duane,

I've been reading your blog everyday and just wanted to wish you a Happy Eid! This is great and I hope you keep up the good work with this blog. I have a blog too but it's in we'll have to wait until you learn it hee hee:) CMES misses you!! Many greetings and love from Chicago, best, Esra

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