Saturday, November 05, 2005

thank you

As more and more of my extended family and friends learn about my diagnosis, the circle of support grows and grows. Words of encouragement are coming in from all corners. This has become apparent especially in the recent days. For my mother, I think this new found source of support has been particularly meaningful. As you can imagine, it has been particularly difficult on my parents and I think the support of everyone will be needed even more so in the coming weeks as the treatment progresses.

Many of my classmates back in Chicago have been great. Thank you, guys. To my BSF fanclub (you know who you are), I want to thank you all too. You have all been amazing. I also want to thank the parents at Chapin, who have called and offered their support. They too have been amazing. Honestly, my family and I have been overwhelmed by their generosity. Thank you.

Thanks to you all!


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