Thursday, November 03, 2005

the stem cell debate in national geographic

While I waited in my dentist's office for a check-up about two months ago, I saw and picked up a copy of the National Geographic magazine from the waiting room table there. There's an interesting article in that July 2005 publication of National Geographic about the divide in America over the identity and usage of stem cells. It explains what are stem cells, their types, and the great potential that they bring to patients of various illnesses, such as heart disease, leukemia, and lymphomas. The political, scientific, and cultural maelstrom surrounding this topic is looked at in the article. The news in the press is centered wholely it seems around embryonic stem cells, which are stem cells from embryos. However, there are thousands of individuals like myself, for example, who have or will receive adult stem cells.

It's a helpful resource if you want to learn more about the application of stem cells and the debate surrounding them.


Comment Anonymous Liz Murray said...

I am going to become more aquainted with your type of lymphoma. I know that bone marrow transplants are used, however I'm not familiar with how.

I think that stem cell is a little different or maybe not. I'll investigate.

12:27 AM  

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