Saturday, November 12, 2005

millionaire clip added

I have devoted a lot of time to my blog recently. I added a few new tabs in the blog's left sidebar. Last night I decided to add a video clip of my August 2004 appearance on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire," which you can access by clicking the moving image that is located below the NY Blood Center tab.

I made my appearance on the game show a few weeks before I began graduate school in Chicago. And of course, a few months prior to that I had completed my treatment for my first battle with Hodgkin's Disease. Therefore, its interesting to watch me struggle on the $8,000 question, which is about the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Surprisingly, I wasn't aware of his organization's yellow wristbands at the time eventhough they were very popular. I knew all about Lance Armstrong's famous story. I remembered that he had a tumor in his brain and testicular cancer, but again for some odd reason I hadn't caught on to the yellow wristband craze (perhaps because I had been isolated and immersed in the halls of the Ivory Tower for most of the time prior to the show). This summer I realized fully just how many people wear the yellow wristbands. A lot! Riding the subway to and from work thoughout summer put me in touch with "real" people and it's where I quickly became aware of the popularity of the yellow wristbands. They're everywhere. I myself wear one now.


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