Monday, November 14, 2005

life is rough, but it could be worse

As I ate dinner this evening, I was watching the preview of an investigative report on CNN about life in North Korea. Perhaps you saw the same report too? The secret video obtained by CNN showed dissidents, who helped their fellow countrymen escape to neighboring China, being shot and killed by North Korean soliders. The footage was both frightening and saddening. Images of malnurished children and adults are common place in the video. Their is one stark scene in particular of what appears to be a dead woman laying motionless on the street as passerbys pause briefly in front of her body before continuing to walk on.

Despite all the drama in my life, I am blessed. It could be worse. Perhaps this is strange to say, but I think there's truth here. You may say, "But man, you have cancer. How much worse could it be?" A lot worse. Yes, I have cancer but at least I have insurance which allows me to be treated. Thousands of Americans don't have any health insurance. Yes, I cancer but at least it's a type and at a stage that in fact can be treated. Yes, I have cancer but at least I live in a country which has the resources to treat it. Yes, I have cancer but at least I have a caring family and friends who support me. So many people have cancer and are facing it alone.

Watching the horrifying footage tonight reminded me that yes, life is rough, but it could be worse.


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