Wednesday, November 09, 2005

getting fresh air

Since I returned home from the hospital a week ago, I hadn't really been outside much until today. I had taken brief trips to the local CVS store, grocery store, and a few other nearby places to take care of errands but that's been it really. Before I received the great report from my doctor on Monday, my instructions were to limit my exposure to crowds, the sick, and animals. I was told these things, because of the fear that my immune system, having been weakened by the DICE, would leave me more susceptible to an infection. These instructions coupled with the fact that I wasn't feeling to hot to begin with when I was discharged made it pretty easy for me to just stay home. After a few days, staying home becomes old quickly. Of course, now that I know that my blood counts recovered amazingly well, I am able to go out freely.

After the visiting nurse left today, I took the subway for the first time in a week down to 86th Street. It was my original intention to go to the main library on 42nd Street and 5th Avenue, but I changed my mind. I didn't feel quite up to going all the way down to midtown. It was late in the afternoon too. At 86th Street, I stopped in Best Buy to buy a cartidge of black ink for our printer. I looked around for a while in the DVD section to see what new movies were being sold. Then, I stopped in front of the PlayStation 2 consule, where I watched a teenager carrying a bookbag play Medal of Honor: European Assault. From Best Buy, I walked next door to Barnes & Nobles, where I spent a significant amount of time browsing through the different sections thinking about what type of book I wanted to read this week. I went from the Health section to Science Fiction to Literature to Science and finally, to Poetry. I had a difficult time deciding what exactly I wanted. There were no books on Hodgkin's Disease in the Health section of the store, but I did find books on Prostate Cancer. Ovid's Metamorphosis was on my mind, but after looking at a few copies of it I decided to leave it on the shelf. In the end, I decided to buy Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space by Carl Sagan and The Vision of a Healthy Heart by Alexander Tsiaras.

Before hopping on the subway to go back home, I ordered take-out from a nearby sushi bar. Had my counts been low, sushi would be perhaps the absolute worse food to eat because of my weakened immune system. However, since my doctor said all was fine, I made sure to enjoy myself. In the weeks to come (perhaps sooner than realize), I won't be able to eat sushi any more and most likely other foods too. Consequently, I must enjoy it while I can and that I definitely did today.


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