Tuesday, November 29, 2005

another good report

My father accompanied me to a check-up appointment with my oncologist-stem cell transplant specialist late this morning. Today marked 9 days since I was discharged from the hospital following my 2nd cycle of chemo. As with the 1st cycle, my oncologist told me that I did equally well this time around, which explains why my blood counts recovered to normal levels. With normal blood count levels, he instructed me to just take it easy and enjoy myself. That I shall do! With the OK from the doc, I'll make sure to get out this week and do something meaningful. Since I returned from the hospital last week, I have stayed home. I have had a nasty cold and didn't wish to weaken my immune system further by leaving it exposed to the elements outside. Eventhough I'm still fighting the same cold (although its much improved), I'll go out this week now that my doctor gave me the coveted OK. Two friends have invited me already to catch a movie and an exhibit at the Met. I plan to take them up on their offers. Maybe I'll even try sushi, one of my favorites. In fact, I asked my oncologist specifically about eating sushi and he said that since my counts are normal sushi is fine. How exciting!

He also updated me on the schedule for the future course of my treatment. I was told before that the transplant would begin around December 15th, but I learned today that it will not start until soon after New Year's. Ever since he told me first about December 15th, I have kept that date imprinted in my memory but that's no more now. Now there's a new date and time schedule. That exact date is unknown at the moment, but I do know that soon after the celebrations of New Year's are completed, I'll return to the hospital for the real excitment: the hope that a cure and a new life is at hand. Thinking about it like this, perhaps it's fitting for the transplant to begin after New Year's.

I'm scheduled to meet with my oncologist again on December 15th. During this appointment I'll learn the results of the PET scan, which the BMT office is working to schedule for me now. December plans to be a busy month. I will have various appointments at the hospital to prepare me for the stem cell transplant in January.


Comment Anonymous Mariola said...

Enhorabuena! Congratulations Duane! This a very good new. Enjoy the Sushi and going out with friends! with love from Madrid.

5:22 PM  
Comment Blogger Duane said...

I sure will. Thanks for leaving a comment, Mariola. Send Espana my best!

12:29 PM  

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