Saturday, November 26, 2005

amaze at the marvels of your body

Bodies . . . The Exhibition opened up at NYC's South Street Seaport on November 19th. I thought it was the same exhibit, though under a different title, that I saw during the spring at The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, but the exhibition's website says it's distinct (eventhough the cadavers in the exhibitions' advertisements look similar) from other human anatomy exhibitions. Body Worlds by Gunter von Hagens is the name of one that I visited in Chicago.

I enjoyed Body Worlds immensely. Indeed, it and The Brooklyn Museum's controversial Sensation exhibit stand as the two most intellectually stimulating and challenging exhibits that I have ever seen. I know it's not everyone's idea of how to spend a Saturday afternoon, but if Bodies . . . The Exhibition is at all like the one in Chicago all I can do is recommend it strongly.

The human body is without a doubt a wonder to contemplate. Walking through the halls of Body Worlds, I saw the human body in ways that I could have never seen in normal circumstances nor imagined probably. The bodies are upclose and personal. Talk about an educational experience. This is it! Seeing the exhibit in Chicago just solidified my feeling of awe and wonder for the great temple of flesh and bone which we are all so fortunate to possess.

For tickets and information please click the picture of the cadaver above.


Comment Anonymous aziza said...

The Bodies exhibition in Chicago was amazing. Afterwards, I promised myself NO MORE CIGGIES and nargile.

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