Monday, October 17, 2005

insertion of catheter on Wednesday

A representative from the hospital called me today reminding me of my appointment on Wednesday morning. At about 9 am on Wednesday, I'll be prepped up for a procedure in which the medical staff will insert a catheter into my chest. The complete name of the catheter is called a Permanent Tunneled Catheter Placement Double Lumen. It's scheduled to begin at 10 am. A catheter is a flexible tube inserted into the body to transport fluids into or out of the body. This will be necessary for the infusion of the chemotherapy drugs as well as blood transfusions into my body. With a catheter placed in my chest, I will not be pricked and poked for this and that. I should be able to receive almost most of things I need via the catheter. My understanding is that it's a pretty simple procedure. My father had one inserted into his chest several years ago for an operation and he says it's not a big deal. I don't think it will be bad that all.


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